What is Userfeeds Platform?

Userfeeds Platform was envisioned as a infrastructure allowing developers to easily use and build better content rankings for their clients. We want to help developers by providing them ready to use APIs, libraries and algorithms that they can incorporate into their software.

What is a content ranking?

Some examples of content rankings are list of products on amazon.com, songs in playlist on spotify, news on nytimes, and all other places that have some content (links, articles, songs) sorted in particular way that you can access.

How Userfeeds Platform works?

Userfeeds Platform is composed of couple of parts that interact together to deliver rankings through HTTP APIs to your application.


First Userfeeds Platform reads all the information from supported blockchins and stores it in internal DB. We store all transactions and contract calls in Graph database and current balances in standard SQL database. When someone sends Claim data to Userfeeds Platform through HTTP or through Ethereum network, it is processed and inserted into Graph database for use in ranking algorithms. When application makes HTTP request to our Ranking API endpoint, an Ranking Engine is taking requested algorithm and applies it to current data stored in Graph database and SQL database and returns sorted entries for application to display to its user.

What blockchains are supported?

Currently we support Ethereum, Bitcoin, IPDB

What is Claim?

Claim is basic data entity in Userfeeds Platform. It may represent endorsement, like, upvote for given URL/Text/Identifier that is signed by one of supported signing methods.

What are supported signing methods?

You can sign Claim with ECDSA and send it through HTTP, or make Ethereum transaction with Claim data and it will be treated as signed.

Why should I use Userfeeds Platform?

  • Our algorithms are open source and can be improved every time an issue arises
  • You are able to create your own custom rankings
  • We use blockchain as a source of ranking signals, eg. how much tokens are connected to given content, how stable were token holders endorsing given content, how involved they are in given token.
  • You can monetize your app/site easily by providing sponsored ranking on your app/site
  • You can deliver superior experiance for your users by customizing our ranking output based on your needs.

I’m a developer. How can I start using Userfeeds Platform?

You should go to Quick Start and API Reference to checkout how to use our read-only APIs and how to use Ethereum blockchain for pushing information into Userfeeds Platform. Later you can go to http://api.userfeeds.io/portal/, register as developer, and go to http://api.userfeeds.io/portal/apis/ API Catalog to request API Key. When you have API Key you can start using all of our HTTP APIs.